The El Dojo is a members only cooperative.  

Each member assumes responsibility for the cleanliness, safety and function of the facility. 

So you've heard whispers of an elusive training dungeon?  You've probably heard its hard to find, its dirty, you can't do the warm-ups and you'll leave with your tail between your legs.  This is all true.  BUT WE GUARANTEE THAT YOU'LL NEVER LOOK AT CLIMBING THE SAME.  Welcome to The El Dojo. 

We do not hold open hours.  Many of our new members are introduced to the facility by an existing member or by word of mouth.  We do encourage anyone who is interested in joining to contact us for a tour.  

Day passes for non-members are $10.00 

After checking out the place, most people immediately sign-up as a member ($40.00/mon).  At this point you'll receive a code to access the facility as well as a thorough introduction to our rules and operations.  Welcome to the Dojo!

What we are:

  • A co-op

  • A bouldering facility (sorry, no ropes here.  Except an old-school gym rope for training)

  • A positive, open and supportive community 

What we aren't:

  • Elitist
  • Jerks
  • A day-care or party center